Nursing While Black

Nursing While Black #NWB. Although this title may find many people uneasy or offended it’s a subject that needs to be addressed. It's the life I live and i'm certain many people in my field experience and can relate to. The prejudice the exists in the American healthcare system is alive and thriving. I experience the PAIN of prejudice,profiling and racism on pretty much a daily basis because of the color of my skin. My ethnicity continues to separate me from my white colleagues. This daily struggle has forced me to speak out and address the bias. I want to be honest and speak my opinion on this issue , and when I say voice my opinion I really mean in the RAW, not watered down not PG I want honest real content. My plan for this blog is not to be full of negative content, because I am not a negative person. I will be honest and tell you my real emotions and sometimes they may come out salty and angry sometimes even full of rage. We all know that the truth can be painful and dark. I understand the content of this blog will not be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok we all have the right to fast-forward. Most times when a sensitive subject is addressed people feel uncomfortable and would rather turn a blind eye and play pretend as if its not a real problem. The blind eye will not see what I see. You must open your eyes to have a clear view and a vision of what can be, what will be and what has to be. I want all professional healthcare providers primarily Nurses to have a voice and for those voices to be heard. I want for all of us to empower ourselves and each other to turn that anger and frustration into work and growth amongst all of our communities. In order for us to expect others to recognize and respect us as Black healthcare professionals we must first learn to respect ourselves, educate ourselves and stand up for ourselves.

My goal will be to reach those of you who are willing to open your eyes come out of your comfort zone and recognize that a problem exists. My goal is to support all of those who are affected and to form a bond and perhaps develop a way to integrate diversity awareness and training into our profession. This is vital, for the future of our Black Nurses.

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