I'm not afraid of the war if it yields peace.

Im so confused????

I need some advice... I know emotions are high with the election, police shootings and more and more talk about racial and social injustices. Because of this I had to take a couple of steps back and ask for some outside advice on what I am presuming is a racial bias issue.

Kayla is my middle child who is on track to graduate from high school this year. She is an exceptional student ranked 6th in her class. She takes AP level courses and 2 college courses for which she is a high achiever. This particular incident occurred at her school while she was meeting with a college work coordinator. Basically this women works as a liaison between GCC and her high school. She is responsible for picking up students college work and signing qualified high school students up for classes.

On this day my daughter was planning to sign up for another class when this woman asked her what her college picks were. Kayla was excited to tell her, as she began to read off her list: BU,Penn State, Fordham etc. the lady asked her abruptly if her parents were doctors and how we planned on paying for these schools or had we won the lotto she doesn't know about. My daughter tells her no my mom is a nurse and she is a single parent. The lady then proceeds to tell her you do know these are private schools and they are expensive and just because you are black and your mom is single doesn't mean they are going to pay your way. She told my daughter that we were foolish for choosing those schools and she should look into community colleges. And that the colleges she chose were for the wealthy elite.(OLD BOYS CLUB)

When my daughter told me this I was in shock! I was confused, angry, bugging out I was like Madea in my house that night! I asked my daughter who this lady was, was she an advisor of some sort? The answer of course was no. My next question is how do I meet this lady in a dark alley!

I was taking names and numbers and someone was gonna explain exactly what was meant by her comments. I wanted her head on a platter. My thought was who was this person giving unsolicited advice for which she is not qualified my second thought was are you telling all of our children these things or just the minorities? Guys, this is happening in our schools right under our noses and I feel for the kids without strong family support and advocates who have to go to school and listen to these poisonous people. This lady is in our school system talking to our kids. Killing their dreams, telling them they are not good enough.

The next morning I was in that office at 730AM. What's also troubling is that my daughter spoke with the principal and her guidance officer and nothing was done. I wasn't notified and the lady had not been disciplined. Point being that if my daughter didn't come home and tell me and if I didn't make my presence known in that office this women would continue to speak her prejudice statements to our children. It's a NEW DAY!! Gone are the days of closing our eyes, bowing down and turning away pretending things like this are not happening. It's time to stand up and demand theses brain washing tactics be halted. That day I went to my daughters school and demanded a meeting with all administrators and the superintendent I was taking a stand and fighting not only for my daughter but for all of the children who might have the unpleasantries of interacting with such a vile human being. I explained to the administrator that I am not one of those parents who makes a complaint and then you never see me again, quite the contrary, I follow through and I demand a resolution.

I am not afraid of the war if in the end it yields peace.

So I am asking anyone who this strikes a chord with, what would you have done? What else should I do? What shouldn’t I have done? Am I being overly dramatic or irrational or is there some validity here. I’m in need of your input. Please take a moment to comment.

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