She had a bad case of the "TRUMPS"

We have come to a resolution! On my previous post I was ranting on about what I considered to be the bad behavior of a teacher at my daughters high school. I asked all of you for some input because I obviously was bat shit crazy angry and wanted to see her head on a platter.

The good news is that I was able to sit down with the teacher and the administrators and have a serious discussion about what exactly took place. At first the teacher seemed very nervous and disheveled. I was able to express my concern and ask her what exactly she meant by her comments. I explained to her that they were rude insensitive and out of line. The sad thing is that she appeared confused and embarrassed. She had no idea that what she said was very racially insensitive. I explained to her that her position as a educator is important and that she is supposed to help guide and encourage our children not break them down. She shared with me that her intention was never to be rude or racially insensitive she was simply trying to inform my daughter of her disadvantages. I was in shock at her honesty, she really believed that she was helping to enlighten my daughter on the disadvantages of being a black child of a single mother. My mouth was to the ground, as if we didn't walk around this world in the skin we are in. We must look like we need a reminder that we are black. This poor lady really had no idea of what she was talking about. I felt really sad for her. I was informed that this was not the first time this teacher has been sited for being inappropriate with her statements. What I hope she got out of this meeting is, its not what you say its how you say it. She was a very abrasive and insensitive type of person. She seemed receptive in what I had to say and she apologized to my daughter. I was glad that we were able to have an open discussion and hopefully she will work on her delivery. More importantly, my advice to parents is to be involved in your children's school affairs. Meet the teachers and administrators,make sure they know your face. Talk with your children about what they are being taught. I fear that a lot of times our children are being brainwashed with personal opinions not facts. It starts at home with building a strong foundation with them. We as parents have to feed and nurture them with core values so that they are protected out in this cold cold world.