Why A Nurse??

I have been a Registered Nurse since 2006. I was what they call a second career student. I began my career in the medical field as a CNA at a nursing home and while pregnant with my twins I was placed on bedrest for 6 months. I can remember weekly doctor visits to check the welfare of my babies. I would watch the doctors and Nurses who cared for me and others with amazement. After being hospitalized multiple times due to the fear of pre-term delivery, I began to ask the nurses questions and started to look into a nursing career. I was discouraged because I was already a mother of a two year old and soon I would have twins to manage.

My future seemed bleak...

When I was finally admitted and taken in for an emergent C-section, I continued to admire the profession and knowledge of the medial teams who cared for me. Eventually my babies were born, at 28 weeks, they each had a team as well as I. Once the twins were born their team swiftly moved into action like a well oiled machine to care of them.

They were then moved into the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit).

Once they stabilized me, they rolled me into see my 2 lb little baby girls. I was on a stretcher with Oxygen, medications, blood products, and medications infusing. They knew how critical my newborns were and wanted me to see them. Jasmyn, twin B, was being intubated and Kayla, twin A, was breathing with CPAP.

I was so grateful for that moment.

Two weeks passed and we had to make the hard decision to withdraw care form our precious Jasmyn. Jasmyn became septic and developed a spontaneous brain hemorrhage. At this moment my life would change. With the comfort and highly skilled medical staff they helped me and my family come to terms with the quality of life that would be left for my daughter.

I was horrified, angry and devastated!

With tender care they removed our baby from life support wrapped her beautifully in a blanket. They opened the bereavement room and allowed our daughter to pass in our arms. Both the physician,nurse and religious ministry surrounded us and helped us through the pain. They cried with us and treated us with such care. They treated our deceased daughter with a soft gentle touch. Her Nurse and DR. sobbed with defeat.

After she was taken form us the single, most beautiful thing the nurse did was make a little book with a picture, lock of hair, hand and foot prints, and a medical bracelet placed inside. The nurse packed up Jasmyn's baby hat, blanket, and tee shirt, with a tiny splash of blood on the corner in a little box for us. I cherish these things 17 years later.

My daily visit's to the NICU again sparked an interest that just wouldn't go away. The nurses amazed me I loved them I wanted to be like them.

And so the rest is history....

I applied to the very hospital that had showed me such love. I was hired as a PCA (patient care associate). I worked as a PCA for six years. While beginning in college I worked nights and weekends. Luckily, the institution I worked for had a passion for education and a mission towards assisting their employees with achieving a higher level of eduction. I was able to adjust my schedule, apply for tuition assistance and later on transition into a registered nurse position.

The best sacrifice of my life was to go back to school with the help and support of my family and work institution.

I did it for my children. I wanted them to have a great life.

I did it for myself. I needed to prove to everyone that I am not a statistic and I will not fail!

I did it for the Love of people and the science & art of Nursing!!