Get Those Paper's : Part I

Part I

One of the great things about having a degree in nursing is that the amount of growth and specialties are endless. If you are the type that enjoys bedside and direct patient care there are endless amounts of degrees and specialty certificates available to you.

If you are the type that enjoys the education aspect of nursing you can earn a degree that is geared towards teaching patients or healthcare providers.

If you decide you want to work behind the scene's in the business aspect of the healthcare system you can earn degrees or certificates that teach you about Healthcare management. Some Nurses love the study of Law as well, guess what? You can earn a certificate as a legal nurse consultant. There are Nurses who are pharmaceutical representatives because they love pharmacology, it's the gift that keeps on giving. You just have to find your passion, and put in the work towards seeking a higher education.

Say you have decided that you love people and caring for them or that you simply enjoy learning about the disease process and treatments .You want so badly to gain entry into the medical field yet your not quiet ready or are not able to start a 2 or 4 year college gig, again there are options.

Many people decide to use the LPN program as a stepping stone or gateway towards a Registered Nursing degree or more. This is a great option if you are that person who can't invest the time and money. However, there are practice limitations attached to LPN's. When I speak of limitations I'm referring to employment options and practice restrictions. LPN's work under the supervision of Registered Nurses and/or Physicians.

Most Licensed Practical Nurse certificates can be achieved in a 7-24 month time period, you don't have to hold a college degree in order to earn your LPN. The median salary is 43,170.00 USD (2015). Because of this many people seek this option first.

If becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse is something that may interest you, look into it. Always weigh your options. If cost is a issue make sure you do your homework look around and research, some programs are very expensive. Make sure the school you choose is accredited and will offer you the best training and education. Also a big thing to think about is if you decide to go back to school for your RN, will your LPN training allow you to gain entry into a LPN-RN bridge program. Always look into what employment opportunities will be available to you.

The most important question to ask yourself is WHY DO I want to become a nurse?

I will share with you that if it's because you think you will be making the big bucks you will be sadly mistaken! Although this degree can help you earn a decent paycheck this field is not for the weak of heart!! Nursing is a caring field and requires great compassion and dedication it's freaking exhausting work, emotionally and physically!! If you are only in it for the money that will be a huge mistake! And your clients/patients and co-workers will be less then thrilled to have you around! My opinion of course :)

I hope this little blurb on one of the possible entries into the nursing field has helped or inspired.


1. WHY a nurse?

2. WHAT education will I need to achieve my LPN?

3. WHAT schools offer this program?

4. HOW much will it cost?

5. HOW long will it take?

6. WHAT type of jobs are available?

7. WHAT are my short-term goals?

8. WHAT are my long-term goals (RN,APRN,PA,MD)?

9. AM I sure I want to do this?


You will never come across a nurse, who does it for the right reasons, tell you they regret it.