Iridescent [ir-i-des-uh nt]

Displaying A Play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow.

I spend a lot of my free time looking for cute little coffee and tea spots. I travel to little towns within CT or NYC that i think are cute and have character.

As I sit with my computer or notebook I people watch. It's so amazing to me how beautiful the human is.

I was thinking to myself how many times we look at beauty in a shallow way. Beauty is so more then skin deep. of coarse we recognize when someone has what most would consider beauty, but its deeper then that for me.

Sitting in these coffee shops listening to the soft sounds of contemporary jazz with the smells of fresh espresso bring a sense of calm and appreciation. I look around at the many different types of people. I listen to their voices watch their mannerisms. Pure natural beauty.

People on there way to work have this serious look. The look that tells me i need my coffee and I need it now cause I gotta go!

MOM's who have on there workout gear with one baby on their hip and another one walking behind.

I see girlfriends and pals sitting and enjoying each others company.

I enjoy watching the different colors, shapes and sizes of the people I share this world with. As I sit i realize we have a lot of commonalities. What has drawn us to this one spot at this particular time. Just think about the many people we come in contact with direct and indirect.

In this crazy world we are all moving at a 100mph

Take a moment to sit back and enjoy the positivity of life and the magnificent's of all human beings.

Be Kind

Be slow to judge and to criticize.

Choose to love and respect one another

See the beauty in all things.

Everyone has something beautiful about them. Just because we may not see it on the surface doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

If you think about it, Human beings are iridescent, full of changing colors that make up the most beautiful rainbow.

Open your eye's and your heart ♡