One that is completely subservient to a dominating influence

When it comes to workplace surveys how many of us are honest?

How many of us are brave enough to tell the surveyor's what really goes on daily at our workplace.

I find it confusing to me that day after day I hear the belly aching of people complaining about how hard it is to do what they do. How understaffed,underpaid and under supplied we are when it comes to our job.

If this is the case why do we continuously lie on these surveys? Why do we fall subject to our so called numbers? Numbers? Yes, these are the little arithmetical digits we hear of when it comes to completing our employee engagement surveys. “We have the power to create the numbers we want”. What the hell?

What happened to let's get together and find out what we are doing well and what we need to fix, or is it we really don't give a damn how you feel at work and you better damn give us a five star rating because it makes us look good. By the way if you don't make us look good you’re may not get your year end bonus!

To me being dishonest is like swallowing poison that I know will kill me but hell it will make bossman happy. SO let’s continue to be workplace slaves and lie about how awesome everything is on our surveys.


Maybe it's a upper management thing I don't know much about? Maybe it works on inverse, you know give them a glowing review and all the shitty stuff that happens daily will be magically fixed. HAHA unlikely Slaves!

Imagine going into dunkin donuts or starbucks and ordering your favorite drink and it comes to you continuously with a stank and nasty attitude a watered down taste. Are you gonna write a glowing review or are you gonna send it back and write a complaint? EXACTLY!!! Mind you, you have given them the opportunity to correct and remake the drink,

How many times has it been proven to us that by lying we are not helping ourselves or the institutions we work for and give our business to. In fact it works against us. Once we give them raving reviews and cut corners to save their budgets the next year we are forced to produce the same results if not higher with less money and resources because we lied. Because it looks like we were able to achieve all these amazing goals with less.

If we don't tell them the real nitty gritty they can’t help us fix it. Maybe by lying we are making our management look good. Well I say what kind of

manager wants us to lie about our work life when she/he is directly in charge of helping us implement change. Why would we want to work for someone who wants us to grin and bare it no questions asked.

Now I am not on a bash fest, Im asking for honesty, if you love everything about your job then say so. If there are areas in which we need change, say it. Don't nitpick every little tiny thing wrong just things that are vital and important. Stop allowing them to censor your voice!

especially in healthcare! No cutting corners where peoples lives are at stake! Its ludicrous that we would cut staffing increase acuity slash budgets when it comes to human life. Nurses and doctors forced to work long hours with gigantic services. Some doctors oversee multiple services at once talk about risky.

Stand up!! Be a voice for change!

We advocate for or patients and families it's damn time to advocate for yourself!!

We are not Slaves, We have valid concerns and we should be heard.

More attention should be placed on people not metrics. If we start with people, listen and learn and implement I can bet you dollars to donuts those metrics will move..

Key Points:

5 reasons for employee engagement surveys

To measure employee engagement: by measuring the key drivers of engagement within the organization will allow you to access whether your employees are engaged or disengaged.

  1. Give employees a voice: This is crucial because it provides a revenue for employees to give open feedback (honesty) is critical for change.

  2. Increase employee engagement: Results will allow employers to create an action plan to increase employee engagement.

  3. Direct organizational growth: Management/leadership effectiveness and working environment will give tangible objectives for change.

  4. Benchmark results: These results will be compared to other like organizations with specific data to see how they measure up to other companies

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