Thick Thighs

Thick thighs can and do ride…

Something most people don't know about me is that I love to ride. I love bikes, all types of bikes.

My current obsession and first love is for the road bike.

I began my love affair with road biking while going through a rough season in my life. During this time I tried to busy myself with things I have always wanted to do but never did.

I can't place into words the amazing sense of freedom and adventure you develop while going through hard times.

At first it was the obsession with my local spin class that sparked the flame. I wanted to take the spin bike outside on the roads and the trails.

When I began to ride It was often interesting to me the looks of confusion and shock I would get when showing up at a particular event.

I guess my look didn’t fit the part of a road biker. Obviously my complexion was different, here in the CT biker community and definitely my shape and size. The average stereo-typical road biker here in CT looks total opposite me. They are thin and of a white or latin american decent.

No biggie, I mean lets be honest at first I was a bit shy or intimidated because I was a novice rider. I wasn't so uncomfortable with my race because I am used to being the token.

It was more with my size and my ability to keep up with the more fit and advanced.

I remember one time being in NYC with my boyfriend trying to get to to the GW bridge. We asked another biker what was the best route to take and all I remember was him telling my super muscular fit boyfriend that he would have no trouble getting up the hill but I'm not so sure about her.


Anybody who knows Nicole knows that she is no freakin PUNK! All you need to ever say to Nicole is no you can't make it. I was so pissed that he would even assume my level of TALENT, SKILL and GRACE!!

But, for real I was pissed!!

Lets just say that day my big ass made it up that DAMN HILL!!! I was half dead with my lungs and heart in my throat but I did it!

Although it may seem as though it was more about the naysayer it really wasn't.

Like most of us, so many things run through our minds when we want to quit! Just to think of the So many I think I cans that come out of our mouths and race in our minds.

I made getting up that damn hill a symbol of all the shit storms and mountains I have and have not yet had to go through in my life.

I continue to challenge myself and grow stronger. Because of my size It is a task to ride hills. I mean damn you have to carry that weight up the hill. I get it and that's fine it's what gives me a challenge and it's what most people think I can't achieve.

When I see a hill in my distance I lock in and prepare for the burn and look forward to reaching the top.

I am thankful for that mans judgement and doubt in my abilities. Honestly I was unsure of my own. That day he was able to strike a cord or a sensitive spot in me that made me dig deep and push beyond my physical and mental abilities.