Did I stay or did I go?

On June 24, 2018 I handed my manager my letter of resignation. I was now or never! I always found myself coming across this one quote, “Leap and the net will appear.” So this girl closed her eyes plugged her ears and jumped her ass off!

I was scared, the devil was hard in my head causing chaos and commotion in my house, my finances and my relationship. I didn't even have a travel assignment or place to live yet. I was SHOOK! I have always been the type to write down my goals, dreams and desires I faithfully do my affirmations and medication I sage and palo santo my house, children,dogs and man everyday LOL.. Shoot it gives me peace and when I see the negative energy trying to attack my family I must be proactive. Say what you want but all of it works.

I remember packing up our apartment,setting up the pack rat storage and speaking with so many recruiters everyday. Nothing was falling in line. I began to think damn did I just fuck up? Im to old and have to many damn kids to be fuckin up.

One morning I sat at my kitchen table by myself with my energy crystals, sage and affirmation book and began to write what I wanted. I wanted to secure a job in San Diego, I wanted a house overlooking the beach I wanted my finances to be in order for my children to be happy and successful, my man to be healed, all of these things I wrote down.

The next couple of days went by stressful as hell and then I received a phone call for an interview as a travel IMU RN for UCSD in La jolla California! I literally shat myself. Not only did the universe answer me she delivered above and beyond what I asked! I couldn't believe it but then again I know she always pulls through I can tell you some stories.

I secured the position and we were on our way. My son was out of school for the summer and my girls were as well so this made everything a lot easier. My man was having his own anxiety issues about this whole thing but he is strong and can survive everything.

We drove cross country it took about 4-5 days that's really good with a puppy and three teens/adult children.

We ended up having to stay at a hotel for awhile until we could figure out what to do next. What part we wanted to live in and all of that adult crap.

I started my Position as a float RN within the next 2-3 weeks and wow was this a challenge for me. That's for another story.

I will definitely share in detail my first travel assignment and how horrible the extended stay hotel was and what happened after my assignment ended. Trust me some rachet stuff did happen. I like to call them growing pains.

No I didn't get my little house on the water yet. You can just sit and wait on that.. Soon come..

So, yes ya girl did indeed bounce I jumped I trusted in myself and my dreams with or without the support of many. My plan was shaky at best but the fire in my soul was so much stronger to bounce than my fear of failure to make me stay..